The Problem With Projects [infographic]

by · September 4, 2012

There is not just one problem that can bring a project to a sudden and screeching halt, and most of the time it’s a deadly concoction of issues. Whether it be lack of resources, communication, or direction, projects are just a ticking time bomb if not managed properly. And the truth is, not just anyone can direct a project; it takes skill and experience to keep a project from running into the ground. That is wear the PMP comes in, the project management professional. One of the most globally recognized project management positions, over 1.2 million new jobs are opening every year for the next ten years for PMPs, and for good reason. A person with a PMP certification demonstrates that they have the experience, education and competency to manage, lead and direct large projects. With these useful tools under their belts,a PMP can mean the difference for a failed or successful project.

From missing deadlines to going over budget to just completely giving up, projects can easily be derailed from the smallest setback. Fortunately, a certified PMP’s job is to make sure that your job gets done, thus ensuring the success of the project. Take a look at this infographic below to see the wonderful world of PMPs; you may find that you actually need one.

Why do projects fail and how PMPs can help

Infographic by Villanova University Online, your source for PMP certification resources.

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